The possibility of another dimension for our souls to live on is amazing to think about. I guess we gravitate toward that idea because it makes us feel closer to our loved ones who have passed. Some, think of this other dimension as heaven. While others are searching for different concepts.

The mere idea that any of this form of thought could be real, helps us accept our own mortality. If we are able to still be alive, somehow, after the earthly death of our bodies, in a different dimension, then we wouldn't really be gone. We would live on. That makes the thought of death, not such an end, but an extension of our journey.

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Being open to all things paranormal

I think my being open and curious about the paranormal is why my husband won't take me places like the notoriously haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium, in Louisville, KY.

Dan Oshier Productions/YouTube
Dan Oshier Productions/YouTube




He's very concerned that I might bring a ghost, spirit, or worse, home with me. His fears do not hinder my curiosity. I would still very much like to visit Waverly Hills.

But, since he is so fearful, I must satisfy my curiosity on YouTube, paranormal websites, and Facebook. I belong many to many Facebook groups with like-minded people.

What was Wavery Hills Sanitorium used for?

After being originally built to be a small school, the property was later used and the building expanded to treat tuberculosis patients around 1910. Once patients came to Waverly, they were forced to stay. Waverly became, kind of, a city of its own with its own zip code.

Over the span of more than 70 years, 63,000 people died while at the TB hospital. Many believe that the ghosts of the patients or staff that died there, remain. in the halls and on the grounds around the facility. Paranormal activity has been seen throughout the building, but two places seem to be the most active.

According to the Courier-Journal,

The infamous 600-foot body chute, for instance, that was used to discretely move thousands of corpses through the facility has grown in infamy and is often cited as a place where ghostly experiences take place.

Room 50 is also notorious. The room in the rooftop chambers is believed to have housed tuberculosis patients with mental illnesses and was allegedly the site of a nurse's death by suicide.

Image in the doorway of Waverly Hills Room 50

A couple of years ago, Maggie Clark unexpectedly captured a ghost-like image at Waverly Hills. I wrote about the photo earlier this year but didn't realize it was taken on the actively paranormal rooftop, Room 50. That revelation itself makes it worth publishing again. In case you missed it, allow w to show you the astonishing photo that Maggie captured.

It's a picture that is captivating and very hard to explain. The photo shows incredible ghost-like images moving around the outer doorway to the room.

Below is a rooftop view of Room 50 and the arrow points to where the photo was taken from inside the room, facing the doorway.

Dan Oshier Productions
Dan Oshier Productions


Incredible photo of ghostly images taken at Waverly Hills

If you look closely, you can see an image of a ghostly-body passing by the rooftop doorway.

Maggir Clark/Facebook

In the photo below, you can see that the same mage seems to be wearing a boot or shoe. Why a spirit or ghost would need footwear, I don't know.

Maggie Clark/Facebook
Maggie Clark/Facebook

But, if there is, in fact, another dimension of space that we move to after death, maybe some sort of footwear is needed there, too.

Who knows, maybe it's a glitch in the matrix. I can't explain it. Can you?

Look a little closer

If you look even closer, to the far left, outside the room on the rooftop, you can see a smaller child-like image coming around the outside corner. The figure appears to be following the other ghost-like figure.

Maggie Clark/Facebook
Maggie Clark/Facebook

I truly have no idea how to explain this photo. Of all of the photos that have been sent to me over the years, this is by far one of the top two that leaves me speechless.

<h3>See the history and the inside of the legendary Waverly Hills Sanitorium</h3>


**Elements of this article were published in January of 2022. After further research, I decided to republish with the added information, photos, and videos.** - Leslie Morgan

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