Kids are so hilarious, especially toddlers. At times, it's as if they have no clue. Then, there are those times that you get the feeling they know exactly what they are doing. It's like they are miniature comics ready to reek havoc at any time.

Beckham, the son of one of my former students who lives in Princeton, is one of those kids who knows how funny he is and knows just when to use his sense of humor. He has a look in his eye that tells you he has perfect comedic timing.

Watch him tease his poor mom with flowers. He is just too cute.

This isn't the first time Beckham has caught my attention, on Facebook, and had me laughing. out loud. Remember this? His victim and audience for his humor, his grandma. LOL

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My youngest son was just like this when he was a little boy. He would streak through the kitchen, no clothes, not even a diaper, buck naked, and slap me on the butt. Then, he would run and hide so that I would come and find him.

I would dress him again, tell him to NOT take off his clothes, and 10 minutes later, he would do it again. He loved to shock people with his nudity, Most of the time he wore only diaper. If he heard someone knock on the front door, he would strip off his diaper and sprint to answer it. THAT is how he got his nickname, Hady Bady Booty Stinky. Now you know.

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