We thought a fun Throwback Thursday question of the day would be "What is something that your grandparents do/did that makes perfect sense to them but seems crazy to you?" We got some really interesting and funny comments (you can see some of them below), but none quite as interesting Liberty and her nana. Out of the blue, Liberty discloses that her nana wouldn't allow anyone to flush toilet paper down the commode - that meant ALL used toilet paper had to go in the trash can. YIKES! You can hear the big reveal at about the 1:30 mark in the player below.

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Following the show, I was in the one room where I do most of my best thinking when I was struck with inspiration. My immature mind came up with a fun prank for Liberty, considering the disturbing information she shared on the air. My initial plan was simple - I would take a wad of toilet paper into the studio and ask Liberty where I should throw it away. I then realized I could step things up a notch, and that's exactly what I did by melting a Nestle Crunch bar onto the toilet paper. Next, I had to get someone to document the prank - my friend Leslie Morgan (from the WKDQ morning show) was more than happy to help. So, we headed to the MY105.3 studio, and this is what happened. Liberty's reaction is so much better than I expected!

So, what did other people have to say about their grandparent's old habits? Here are some of the more memorable comments from Facebook.

"When we were small my grandma would get up and put on her dress, heels and jewelry and climb the ladder to clean the windows!!!" ~ Mary Haynes Howell

"My great-grandmother would wash paper plates and dry them in the oven!!" ~ Katie McManus Fisher

"My grandmother would have us wash to reuse red solo cups (totally defeating their purpose). My grandfather wouldn't allow automatic appliances to be used. He said they couldn't be cleaned thoroughly & microwaves poisoned the food." ~ Jill Taylor

"When I was young when my grandpa would make us lunch, he’d make hotdogs and throw them in the pot of soup he was heating up for us! Back then it was weird, but it kinda makes sense now?! Less dishes to wash! Lol" ~ Cindy Cannon Acord

"Unplugging the microwave when it stormed." ~ Kylie Burklow

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