In my house, Cheetos has always. been a food staple when you get groceries. When my kids were younger, they loved the Cheetos Puffs. We called them Cornies. They could not get enough. My middle son would request them with his Eggo waffles. I have to admit, I shared many a bog with the kids over the years.

As they grew up, they preferred Cheetos Crunch. The days of the Puffs came to an end. They were still on every grocery list, or quick trip to the convenience store. Even as teens, they and their friends would leave endless cheesy fingerprints everywhere.

Ever since Flamin Hot Cheetos become a thing, my kids and husband have never looked back. If we run out of Flaming Hot Cheetos, it’s like we have run out of milk or eggs. My husband had Mande a special trip, for he and my son, just to get a few bags. God forbid we run out. It’s insane.

When I saw this Ugly Christmas Sweater, I knew I had to get three. Why, three? Because they would all want one and would be upset if they didn’t get to have one of there own. Every time they would see the other with a Flaming Hot Ugly Christmas Sweater on, they would be so jealous. I mean, look at it. Wouldn’t you? LOL


If you love Flaming Hot Cheetos like my family does, here are some more things they can wrap themselves in to represent their love for their favorite snack.

Looking for more Ugly Christmas Sweater ideas? Here are twelve great sweaters that you can order at

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