You've met this precious little girl before when I introduced her to you after she got a comb stuck in her hair and had the cutest reaction ever. Well, Lydia, just can't help her extreme cuteness. Now, she has invented a new way to kiss her mommy.

I love Lydia's cute creativity. Now, she has a little sister and I can't wait to see what the two of them get themselves into. Stay tuned.

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When my youngest son was little, he got to a point around three years old, that he no longer wanted to give me little kisses. So, I came up with a game that made him think he was winning, but I was the one who was really winning.

The game involved our faces being like a bull's eye. Different parts of our faces were worth different points. For instance if you kissed someone on the forehead it was worth 100 points, the chin was 50, the cheeks were 25 and the lips were 1 point.

First, one of us had to shut our eyes, while the other set perfectly still. Now, the one with their eyes shut, had to kiss your face and where ever it landed, you got that many points. Can you see the method behind my madness?

My little Hayden was very competitive, so he would peek a little and always give me a kiss on the forehead, which was worth the most amount of points. And, when I shut my eyes, he would always move his face so I kissed him on the lips, which only gave me one point.

See, he thought he won every time, but I was actually the big winner.

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