Shrunken heads and World War II memorabilia are just a few of the items the FBI removed last week from a rural Indiana home. Federal agents raided the house of 91-year-old Donald Miller based on suspicions of him being in possession of illegally obtained artifacts, according to reports.

Although, at the time of this report, it had not yet been clarified exactly how Miller went about obtaining the artifacts, he did tell authorities that he had been collecting the items for the past eight decades.

One of the man’s most prized possessions was a piece of concrete that supposedly came from the bunker where Adolf Hitler killed himself at the downfall of the Nazi regime. This relic as well as others from all over the world must now be returned to their native countries.

Authorities say Miller has not been arrested or charged with a crime. However, that could change if they discover he was aware a crime was being committed at the time the relics were collected. The laws surrounding this level of art crime is complex because it encompasses state, federal and international laws. Therefore, in order to prove fault, agents must determine if the items were stolen or obtained through a licensed importer. International treaties are also a concern… the United States has agreements put in place with 15 countries that prohibit the exchange of artifacts through importation.

However, authorities do not believe Miller intended to commit a crime because he did not try to keep his collection a secret. In recent years, he had given school tours of the home museum that his friends say he took a lot of pride in.

The FBI must now catalog the entire collection and attempt to determine the origins of the relics, which they say will keep them busy for sometime.

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