Just when I thought I have heard everything, along comes the Men's Muscle Suit. Not to e confused with a muscle shirt, this is made to cover a man's entire torso in rippled muscles.

When I first read about this chest and arm cover-up, my reaction was full of hilarity and sarcasm. It took me back to when I was on match.com and would hear stories of people using photos to deceive their prospective matches. I always wondered why someone would do anything but present their true self when they met someone in person. If the end result is to meet and find a match, what good does it do to pretend to be somebody you aren't.

But, when you think about it, we all kind of do something like this every day. For me, I put on make-up, style my hair, and put on a push-up bra before I go out. Trust me, it makes me look so much better than I really look. So, why should I find it so funny that a man would want to enhance what he has or lack too?

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I say. 'You do YOU, Boo'. Whatever gives you confidence and pumps you up to take on the world, do it. It would be a double standard if I did;t feel that way. Just remember, someday, somehow, when you may have to show your true self, you must be comfortable with that too.

The muscle suit is branded to be used for cosplay, you know, under a costume. It's made of silicone and makes the wearer look RIPPED. It gives you chiseled arms, outstanding pecs, and  6 pack abs. There are several different models, you can find them on eBay with prices ranging from $68 to $360.

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