Life is funny. You're just walking along and doing things when you are alerted to the fact that there's a very large apex predator standing right behind you which is exactly what happened to a lady on vacation.

Many in our area vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Beautiful area with lots to do. It also happens to be one of the black bear capitals of the world. It's not uncommon to see bears like this roaming around town looking for snacks. This big boy was doing that and ended up giving this lady the thrill of her life.

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Couple things to note here. First, got to love the play-by-play of the kids trying to alert her to potential death behind her. Second, once the lady realizes there's a bear behind her, she doesn't seem to be alarmed and gets her phone out to take a picture because why not?

The comments on YouTube have been epic. Here are some favorites:

Joe - "Tennesseeans are so polite they scream "Ma'am!" during impending doom. Gotta love it."

PanAm - "The lady did the right thing. Be still and do not look the bear in the eyes. Generally, no challenge, no bear snack. Of course, I'd likely have just wet my britches and faint."

patricia walker - "They probably had a proper introduction earlier, and it was agreed, ' I won't bother you, if you don't bother me, are we in agreement?' In which they nodded and parted ways."

Yeah, that's how it works with bears...not. But, hey, no harm done. All's well that ends well when bears and people meet, right?

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