Following their announcement that the start of the 2020-2021 school year would be pushed back to August 19th, the EVSC has announced they'll be extending their summer meal program for those students who's families are struggling financially.

Unfortunately, for many families, money is tight and tough decisions like either putting food on the table or keeping the electricity on have to be made which means some students only get their most nutritious meals at school. With schools being closed since late-March, families found themselves trying to find a way to provide even more food for their kids, making the struggle even more difficult.

That's when the EVSC stepped in by creating their Summer Meal Program. The program provided essentials such as fruits, vegetables, canned goods, milk, and more to those families to help fill the gap. Originally schedule to end last week (July 24th to be exact), the Corporation announced over the weekend on Facebook they would be extending the program into the early part of August.

Families who need the assistance will have the chance to pick up food packages between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m today (Monday, July 27th), as well as Wednesday and Friday this week, along with Monday, August 3rd, and Wednesday, August 5th at the following schools:

  • Caze
  • Cedar Hall
  • Delaware
  • Evans
  • Hebron
  • Highland
  • Lincoln
  • Lodge
  • Stockwell
  • Stringtown
  • Tekoppel
  • Vogel
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