If you've ever dreamed of living in a castle, now's your chance! Williamswood Castle located just outside of downtown Knoxville, is like stepping into a Scottish castle during medieval times - only you don't have to cross the ocean to get there and as it sits alongside the Tennessee River.

The castle boasts three bedrooms, antique furnishings - including a suit of armor and a sleigh bed not suited for anyone over 6 feet tall, your very own pub and intricately carved wood work throughout the home. The property is surrounded by 300 acres of the Ijams Nature Center, the leading wildlife sanctuary and environmental learning center in the region.

A night's stay in the castle is a bit pricey at $433 a night, but sometimes you've got to spend a little cash to make some epic memories. Since it sleeps 6, you could always plan a trip with some friends and share the cost. Just keep it a secret that the ceiling of the master bedroom is painted like the Sistine Chapel, that way your friends don't fight you for the room. When you find the giant bookcase, be sure you move it aside to reveal the staircase to the secret passage. There are also 42 leaded stained glass windows throughout the 4,500 square foot castle.

From the hosts Julia & Tyler:

Greetings! Welcome to Knoxville - I will be the host of your stay at Williamswood Castle - I am a native Knoxvillian -- a lawyer, a beer-maker, and an air-cooled Volkswagen mechanic. I love meeting new people wherever I go, and have traveled all over the world in search of the most interesting people, the best adventures, and the tastiest food. Even though I have traveled and lived everywhere from Japan to South Africa, I still call Knoxville home, and want to show you the best time possible so that you see Knoxville as I do -- a quirky, fun, diverse, and sometimes ludicrously epic city.

Take a look inside, read some reviews and learn how to book a stay of your own at Williamswood Castle:

Williamswood Castle In Just Minutes From Downtown Knoxville Tennessee

To learn more and to book a stay, visit Willliamswood Castle on Airbnb.

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