Summertime means watermelon. Watermelon is so delicious and so good for you. I wish we could eat it year round, but like a turkey only on Thanksgiving, only having them in the summer makes them even sweeter.

The one issue I have is cutting the watermelon. It takes forever. We got a pretty big watermelon last weekend and it felt like o spent an hour cutting. Not only that, but the pieces were all misshapen and juice was everywhere. I use a huge butcher knife to cut my melons and I cam e close to slicing my finger open several times.

I've seen several devices that claim to make cutting a watermelon easier, but I'v been afraid to order them. Not that they are expensive and if they don't work I'm our lots of money, most of them are pretty cheap. iIf I done;t work, it will be just one more gadget my husband can add to the list of things I've ordered online that he told me not to order.

While taking some happy time, for myself, watching TikTok, I came across @corripowell using a watermelon cutting gadget fro Amazon, its only $14.00 and it WORKS!

@corripowell♬ original sound - corripowell

So simple and so cheap. Order one here.



Country music even loves watermelons. 

If you love everything watermelon, here five things inspired by watermelon  goodness.

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