Collin Clarke has made a name for himself here in the Tri-State and the body building world. He is also a huge fan of the WWE, and his love for the WWE has landed him on WWE programming.

Collin was honored by presenting an award on the WWE Network show, "The Bump". This episode featured the first-ever Bumpy Awards to celebrate the best of WWE in 2020 so far. Collin presented the award for the Best Superstar Zoom Room. An award for Superstars who appeared on "The Bump" via video chat from a unique room from their house.

As humbled and as honored as Collin must have been to present the award. I am sure that he was even more excited to announce the winner, WWE Superstar Lacey Evans. Collin and Lacey refer to each other as best friends in the video. This is because they have developed a bond over the past year or so.

Smack Down Superstar Lacey Evans spent some of the day l with Collin before the show last year at the Ford Center. They worked out together, talked WWE, and discussed how dreams come true. You can read more on that by clicking here.

You can see Collin's WWE debut in the video below. To skip directly to Collin presenting the award, go to the 54:03 minute mark of the video.

Collin even got a shoutout after the show from WWE's "The Bump" on Twitter:

Congratulations, Collin! You're one step closer to being in the WWE! Keep it up, man! I know you love wrestling as much as I do, so to even be on WWE programming meant the world to you. You deserve it!


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