Back in 2011, Evansville was voted as the fattest city in America. Six years later, we pass the torch (or fried chicken) to another city.

Welcome To Evansville Sign
(Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)

According to the International Business Times, in 2011, "the city of Evansville, Indiana has the most obese metropolitan area in the nation." Times have changed since then, and apparently Evansville has been working out, changed our eating habits, or that poll was rigged, because the newest poll doesn't even have Evansville in the top 10!


It looks like Jackson, Mississippi now has the honors of being called "the fattest city in America." That is a title that I am sure Evansville is PROUD to be relieved from. Whatever you have done, Evansville, keep up the good work! We don't want to go back on that list! Let's find a new, POSITIVE, list to be at the top of!


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