This year marks the 5th annual Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival in Evansville.  The Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival will take place on October 3rd, and it's free to enjoy!  The event will kick off with free yoga from 1 PM- 2 PM at the "triangle" at Willow Road and Bayard Park Drive.  After the free yoga, the live music kicks up and will go from 2 PM until 6 PM.  You'll be able to walk all around the neighborhood in Lincolnshire and enjoy all kinds of live music.  The music can be found throughout the neighborhood that borders Lincoln Avenue, US 41, Washington Avenue, and Lodge Avenue.

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If you're a fan of food trucks, good news! There will be food trucks throughout the neighborhood serving up some of your local favorites as well.  This event is family-friendly as you can bring your kids and leashed pets too.  You can also bring a cooler and lawn chairs to sit down and enjoy the live music and offerings of the Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival.

Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival via Jane Hackert
Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival via Jane Hackert

There will be free parking to enjoy the festival at Bosse High School or St. Benedict school.  Free Pedicab rides will also be offered too so you can really see the beauty of the Lincolnshire neighborhood.   The Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival is a rain or shine event, so even if it's cloudy on October 3rd, don't let it threaten your good time. You can still enjoy all that the Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival has to offer.

I have to be completely honest, I was not super familiar with the Lincolnshire neighborhood until I looked it up, and there is so much cool history there! So many beautiful homes and buildings make up the historic district. If you get a chance to drive around the Lincolnshire area, it's definitely worth it.  Check out this really informative piece on the Lincolnshire area highlighting its historical significance as well as a map so you can take in the beauty of Lincolnshire for yourself too.

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