Simply put, WAZE is an app that allows folks to share information about road closures, construction, and other driving hazards.

The app uses data provided by the government and by local users to generate a map that points out things that might impact your commute. So now you have the opportunity to help spread the word yourself. You can use the app to warn your fellow drivers and to help you plan your daily drive. And as more and more people start using WAZE, the more comprehensive it will become. In theory, you'll be able to see what's happening all over the city. What a great concept!

You can access the WAZE information on the homepage of the City of Evansville website. Once you get there, click on the car icon at the bottom of the page. The webpage includes information on upcoming road closures and will also be used to provide advanced notice of major traffic events that will affect routes, including festivals and parades.

Of course you can also just download the WAZE app to your device.

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