Things are done differently in Iowa and that definitely includes driving. A new video proves this point further as drivers were spotted at a red light playing rock, paper, scissors.

This happened in Marion, Iowa. The driver who captured the video explained this in the simplest of terms:

I was on my way to work when I saw these cars playing Rock Paper Scissors together at the red lights.

How they were able to coordinate this is anybody's guess.

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The comments on the YouTube share prove they're not alone in their rock, paper, scissors desires:

Douglas Blowe - "So help me I've seen people do this I can never get anyone to do it with me but I've seen people do this and it's hilarious"

Remind me not to wave if I ever see Douglas at a stop light.

Earlier this year as my family traveled through Iowa, I had multiple drivers pass me and immediately pull in front of me within maybe 5 feet from my bumper. I was bewildered and my wife who was born and raised in Iowa nonchalantly said "oh, that's just how we drive here". (*blank stare*)

Coincidentally, earlier this week I shared that Iowa had just been named the state with the worst drivers in the country. Imagine that. If childhood hand games had been factored in, it probably would have been the opposite.

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