Dogs just make life better. It's just that simple. How many times have you been tired, angry, sad, in a generally bad mood and your dog did something that instantly made you happy? If you are like me, it's more times than you can count.

We really don't always deserve the unconditional love a pet gives us. But, despite our sometimes selfish and annoying demeanor, they love us anyway. You know, those times when you are ordering at a fast-food drive-thru and you ONLY get something for yourself. For whatever reason, you don't think about it or you just don't want to make any kind of mess in the car; you don't get your dog something too. When I do that, I usually have to drive around and get her a plain cheeseburger and fries. From the looks of the photos my friend Linda posted on Facebook, I should get her a Happy Meal to make her really happy.

Here is what Linda wrote about the Happy Meal reaction, from her Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Izzy.

OMG!!!! You are NOT going to believe this!!! Me and mom had to run more cats out to Petsmart so they could get put in the windows since the ones we took earlier got adopted! Mom was feeling thirsty and couldn’t leave me in the car so she took me through this drive through. She told the lady she would take a Diet Coke for herself and a 4 piece nugget for her dog since she’s been a good girl today! WHAT?!? The lady asked mom if she just wanted to make that a HAPPY MEAL!!! I gave mom a big ole’ sloppy kiss right in front of the lady!!! The lady even gave me a toy but she told me I might want to give that to a human toddler!!! I think I just might help do cat rescue every day!!

I put together this gallery of her reactions, from Izzy's perspective. HAHA.

Izzy Loves Her Happy Meal

Izzy's reaction to getting a Happy Meal is priceless.

When I messaged her about using her photos in an article, she had this to say. LOL

She’s a mess! She’s a Chesapeake Bay retriever and that’s a normal smile for her! Lol. Lots of people think she’s growling or getting ready to bite, but nope, that’s just her smiling!


Izzy was rescued from Evansville Animal Control about 3 years ago. Officer Anthony McNight picked her up. Everyone at EAC still laughs and remembers Izzy's glorious smile.


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I love her smile so much. I can't get enough of her giant happy smile. Lets' help Izzy the Smiling Dog go viral. Share this article on your social media. Say, CHEESE, Izzy.


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