[ORIGINAL ARTICLE] When couples can laugh with each other, it's a match made for forever. It’s so refreshing, with all of the bad going on in the world, that a couple like Sharea and Nate can pause a moment to make us all laugh and feel better about life. This is how they did it.

Sharea Overman a took a photo of her husband, Nate, posing was if he was sleeping in the car. She then posted the photo to a photography page on Facebook and ask the members, of the group, to photoshop images in the window to show what he had missed.  Genius!

These photos are HILARIOUS and take While You Were Sleeping.....or Here’s What You Missed.. to a whole new level. The post is going viral and for good reason The pics are exactly what we need right now. Kudos to Sharea, Nate and all of the photographers who had a hand in making us laugh and smile, more than we have in a long time.

Take a look at the pics. I also arranged them into a little story from Sharea’s perspective. Enjoy.

Wife Asks For ‘While You Were Sleeping...' Pics And The Results Are Hilarious

Big things have been happening since the photoshopped prank pics went viral. Now, Sharea has some really big news to share that involves a popular daytime talk show!


I guess we will finally be able to hear from Nate, her husband, about his thoughts on the hilarious pics of him that the whole world has seen. LOL

Check your local listings for times of the Kelly Clarkson Show.

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Hopkins County Friends Break Internet With Hilarious Photo Shoot


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