It is never a good idea to try and be a comedian when interacting with the police. Trying pull a prank on a police officer is an even worse idea, but four guys in Los Angeles thought it would be a hoot to prank two LAPD officers using Coke.

These guys loaded the back of their SUV with a bunch of Coca-Cola cans and began asking people walking by their vehicle at the beach if they wanted some 'Coke', with the hope that someone would alert the cops....mission accomplished.

The officers approach the vehicle to check these guys out when one of the guys in the backseat blurts out, "I can't do this, I can't do this...we have a bunch of Coke in the back!" needless to say everyone is asked to exit the vehicle.

Once the officers check the back and discover the cans of Coca-Cola, they laugh and one of them actually shakes the hand of one of the pranksters, but this could have been much worse for all involved.

While these officers were cool and demonstrated a good sense of humor, the pranksters created what could have been a very dangerous situation....not cool. Yes, the prank was funny and very creative, but come on.....really.....not the best idea these guys ever came up with. See for yourself.


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