Evansville Animal Control is needing fosters and adopters ASAP!

Gino is waiting for his forever home (Photo by Another Chance for Animals)

Evansville Animal Control started the day with 2 open kennels.  They've been having animals come in as fast as they've been going out, and it's been a struggle to clear kennels. If you've ever considered adding a furry family member to your family, please consider adopting!

You can also help by fostering! When you foster an animal you basically keep them at your home, take care of them, and their vetting is covered by the rescue.  You just pay for food, and give them a comfy place to lay their head while they're waiting on their forever home.

If you would like to know more about fostering please contact Another Chance for Animals. Or stop by Evansville Animal Control today and check out some of the great dogs looking for a 2nd chance. Who knows you just may find your next furry best friend!

Here's just a few of the dogs past stray hold and needing to get out!