When it comes to things that are just plain creepy, old dolls are right up there at the top of the list. Even though I'm sure when they were brand new and sitting under the Christmas tree or wrapped up for a birthday present, they weren't creepy at all. But, ok...I'm with you, they still probably had a slight creep factor.

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Why Are Older Dolls So Creepy?

Let's be honest, some dolls, no matter how old, are still super creepy. I've seen some in the stores lately, that I quickly walk past and try to avoid eye contact. I think it's the eyes. If the eyes look more painted and cartoony, the doll isn't as intimidating. It's when the eyes are glassy, real, and actually open and close, that the chill factor spikes. I'm starting to breathe more rapidly and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up just writing about.

Seven Dolls Found On Facebook Have A Disturbing Past

I saw these dolls listed on a Warrick County, IN buy, sell, trade Facebook group. Yes, they are listed for sale.

Here is what the seller had to say about the dolls that were found in her friend's attic.

These dolls were found in a box in the attic of my friend's house. She bought the house a year ago and said she always thought she heard a crying noise from the attic. She found a box of dolls and was so freaked out she would not touch them. There is a whole box of them.
They are old and eerie and if you are brave enough to own a haunted doll this post is for you!
Each doll is 10 dollars but if you buy several I will lower the price. Just want these creepy dolls out of my house!
I've seen Chucky and Annabelle and I'm not sure I would ever be in the market for any of these dolls, but you might.
Before you purchase, let's get a closer look.

Eleven Dolls Found In An Indiana Attic Are Thought to Be Possessed

The doll collection was listed in a Warrick County Facebook group, for sale. Yikes!

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