So long to #93...

There are some names in football that you know, but you can't really place the name with the team. You just know they're in the NFL. And then there are players like Dwight Freeney (#93), who will always be an Indianapolis Colt to me.

I have trouble with names sometimes, and especially jersey numbers whenever I watch football. But every since I was a kid, there were four jersey numbers I always knew.

#18. Peyton Manning
#88. Marvin Harrison
#87. Reggie Wayne
and #93. Dwight Freeney

Those are the four horsemen I grew up with. They were my dream team!

Marvin Harrison retired in 2008.
Peyton and Reggie retired in 2016.
And now, Dwight Freeney in 2018.

It's sad to see him go, but at least he came back and retired as a Colt. I would have had a bit of a problem if he would have retired as a Charger, a Cardinal, a Falcon, a Seahawk, or a Lion. Because none of that would have made sense to me.

Watch the Colts say goodbye to #93 below.

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