You never want to see a vehicle on fire as you're driving down the interstate. Even more precarious when it's a car carrier aflame with multiple vehicles burning, too. One driver shared video of what happened when he drove by a scene like this only to have a tire explode and nearly take him out also.

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My understanding is that this happened very recently on I-30 to the south of us in Arkansas. My guess is this driver probably needs a change of clothing after this close call.

For the record, I've seen sites like Rimex mention that tires can and will explode once the temperature reaches 400 degrees. Even with my admittedly limited math skills, it's not hard to figure out that the vehicle carrier fire made all those cars potential tire projectile weapons.

Let's hope whatever accident that caused the original fire didn't harm the carrier driver or any traffic around him or her. You just never know what you're gonna see when you drive the interstates in America.

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