It's a dangerous time of year to be on the road at night in Missouri as deer are more active than ever. Two drivers learned this the hard way as one hit a deer while the other had the animal come crashing through the windshield. Miraculously, neither was seriously injured.

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The Trucker just shared the story of Courtney Kline, 29, of Unionville, Missouri. She was driving on Highway 136 west near Livonia, Missouri on November 12 when the vehicle she was driving hit a deer. That caused the animal to go airborne carrying it through the windshield and into the cab of 50-year-old Jamison Harbison of Richland, Iowa. 

Serious injuries or death can occur when an object as large as this deer crashes through a windshield, but The Trucker's report says he miraculously only suffered minor injuries. He was reportedly treated at a Putnam County hospital. Courtney Kline of Unionville, Missouri was not hurt at all.

From October through much of December, it's rutting season for deer when the animals are searching for a mate. While it's always dangerous driving at night where deer can run across the highway and collide with vehicles, they're even more active during this time of year.

A State Farm study shows that Missouri is one of the most likely states for deer collisions with vehicles. Fortunately in this case, it didn't result in a serious injury for drivers.

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