I was not aware of a hand signal that represents violence at home, I need help and/or domestic violence created by the Women’s Funding Network, specifically their Canadian chapter.  Now I want everyone to know what that hand signal is.

Also, it is worth noting that not everything on social media is bad, although most of it is.  A woman who hand learned of this hand signal from the social media app Tik Tok recently saved a kidnapped teenage girl in Kentucky.

Learn this hand signal and if you see someone discreetly using them you should seriously consider getting the law involved, especially if things do not seem right.  This hand signal would be used when someone cannot freely speak because of the danger they are in.  The hand signal involves the following:

  • Holding a hand up with the palm facing the other person
  • Tuck the thumb into the palm
  • Fold the fingers down over the thumb

Here is a picture and video to educate all of these important hand gestures:

From the Woman’s Funding Network
From the Woman’s Funding Network

The following is a video to help better visualize the hand signal:


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