A 13-year-old was badly injured after a deer hit her at full speed during a cross-country meet at Delta College.

On Saturday, September 25th, 8th grader Madison Sylvester was absolutely clobbered by a deer in Saginaw County, Michigan.  This was a full-size, adult deer hitting a runner that was only 5-foot tall and 100 pounds.  Reading the headline of a person getting hit by a deer almost sounds like a joke.  However, this was no laughing matter to Madison and her family.  This crazy run-in with wildlife resulted in a pretty bad concussion and a broken collarbone for the young teen.  Her father talked to ABC 12 about how traumatic the situation was for everyone,

The mud, the blood coming out of her nose and her mouth and she recognized me, and when she said, ‘Dad,’ it was hard for me. I had to bite my lip and hold it in.

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Madison's mother posted this picture on Facebook of her daughter at the hospital just after the incident.


A couple of days later the family found out that Madison will have to sit out the next few weeks of running cross-country as doctors confirmed her fractured collar bone.  She will undergo physical therapy and they will continue with concussion monitoring according to a Facebook post from Madison's mother Melissa.


Madison is anxious to get back out and run with her sister and the rest of their cross country team.  We wish her a speedy recovery.

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