Every weekday morning, I ask you a question on our Facebook page. This was the question this morning and your great answers.

Here is my list of five things that seem cool now, but won't be in five years.

  1. Tik Tok - It's all fun and games now, but something new will replace it, just like other forms of quick video entertainment. Can you say, Vine?
  2. Extreme Make-up - I think we are already moving in a more natural direction. We will figure out that contouring makes your face look weird. I love to wear make-up, and sometimes a more glamorous look is required, but not to go to the gym and pick the kids up from school.
  3. Grey Hair Color - Don't get me wrong I love natural grey hair on men and women.  I also love getting rid of it and I do it every eight weeks. I'm talking about the trend of coloring your hair grey. This defiantly won't stick around.
  4. Lip Injections and Extreme Butt Implants - You know how it is, everything is cyclical. Big lips will be out and thinner lips will be in. Big butts will be unattractive and tiny little rears will be in. They both also look ridiculous. Love the lips and butt you have.
  5. Tiny Houses - I mean TINY houses, not smaller houses than the huge one you live in now. We plan on selling and finding a home that fits the two of us in the near future.  #emptynesters I get simplifying your life and down sizing, but come on, you have to be able to fit in the house comfortably. In some of them, there is barely enough room to stretch out. We will figure out tiny houses weren't all they were cracked up to be.
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Here are four things I think WILL still be cool, maybe even cooler, in five years.

  1. Virtual Meetings - I think the pandemic taught us that we don't have to be in the same conference room to get the job done. We don't even need to be in the same state or county. Cutting down on work space overhead, will save companies a ton of money. I believe more companies will offer choices and be more flexible with their employees working from home.
  2. Staycation - Again, the pandemic taught us that when you take time off work, you don't have to go on a busy and expensive vacation. Sometimes, those types of vacations are exhausting and you end up more tired after the vacation than you were before the vacation. I'm nor saying vacations will go away, I'm saying that we will plan staycations too.
  3. Food Delivery Service - Restaurants and their patrons had to find other ways to connect during the pandemic. That's where the food delivery services came in. They made getting your favorite local restaurant flair super easy and delivered right to your door. Yes, we had delivery before, but now it's been tweaked and perfected.
  4. (Honorable Mention) - Not really very cool, but I think we will continue to use them - Face Masks - In other countries they are very common during the cold and flu season. They are used as an extra precaution against viruses. Since we learned the we never know when a deadly virus will strike, I think some will still be wearing them in five years and beyond.


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