When you think of a football coach, you typically think of a man who gives short answers, and doesn't show much emotion (other than anger from time to time if things are going the way they want them too). You know, a real "tough guy" because, FOOTBALL! So, it's fun to see a different side of these guys when we have the chance, like we did recently with Indianapolis Colts head coach, Frank Reich.

In honor of his birthday on Friday, Reich's daughter, Lia, shared an adorable video on her Twitter account of her dad spending some quality time with her daughter. Of course, he still a football coach at heart, so while he does show a bit of his softer side, he manages to work in a little bit of the sport he loves by teaching her the proper way to hold the ball when running so a member of the opposing team doesn't try to rip it out of her hands.

Coach's soft spot for kids is no surprise. Earlier this year, he and his wife, Linda, founded the Indianapolis-based non-profit organization, kNot Today. The goal of which is to put an end to child exploitation and sexual abuse not only in the United States, but around the world.

In an effort to bring attention to their cause, Reich called on several of his famous football friends, as well as four-time Grammy awarding winning Christian music duo, For King and Country, to be part of a public service announcement earlier this fall.

Visit kNotToday.org to learn more, or to make a donation.

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