George Grimwade is an offensive lineman for a small college in Alabama. He loves his stepdad very much. George doesn’t think of him as a stepdad though, he’s just dad. He raised George since he was 8.

His stepdad was upset because he didn’t have anyone to carry on his last name, and George wanted to do something special for him. George says "I just want his legacy to live on forever…I don't want it to end with him."

So, George did something is ensure that legacy would go on - he officially, legally changed his name from George Andrew Grimwade to George Grimwade Musto.

He surprised his stepdad with the news before a recent game and proudly showed off his jersey that said “Musto” on the back. The two men shared an emotional embrace. His stepdad was speechless, fighting back tears.

These typed words really don't do any justice for this story. You really need to see that special moment to get the full effect.

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