There is no shortage of places to experience Christmas lights this time of year, whether it is driving through your local neighborhood or making a trip through one of the larger, professional displays.

One Indiana wildlife park is offering not only the opportunity to drive through a beautiful and intricate light display but also the chance to have a mini giraffe encounter, photo opportunities with a sloth, wallaby, and more.

The Winter Light Show at Wilstem Wildlife Park begins nightly at 6:30 pm now through January 1, 2022, although they are closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. For just $25 you can drive your personal vehicle through the gorgeous light display. Wilstem WIldlife Park is located in Paoli, Indiana.

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If you want to step things up a little bit, you can try the Twilight Drive Thru and Light Show. The cost is $25 per adult and children ages 3 to 12 are just $20. This experience will allow you to drive your personal vehicle through the Winter Light Show after you make your way through the animal safari, allowing you to see the animals of Wilstem Wildlife Park in an evening setting. The safari begins at 4 pm and the last car in for the safari will be permitted until 5:15 pm. For an additional, nominal fee, you can purchase buckets of feed or carrots for the animals you encounter.

If you want the ultimate Christmas light animal encounter, be sure you check out the Twilight VIP and Light Show. This experience will last up to an hour where you can meet some of the Wilstem Wildlife Park animals up close and does include exclusive photo opportunities. Once you're through, you can then drive through the light display. The cost of this experience is $49 per adult and children ages 3 to 12 are $44. To learn more and to buy your tickets, visit

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