This week's winter storm dropped a few inches of snow on all of us in the Tri-State, forcing nearly all schools to close their doors, and giving kids (along with their parents) the chance to get outside to go sledding, have a snowball fight, or build a snowman. For these two Mt. Vernon dads, it also gave them the chance to have some fun and playfully show off their bromance, while giving them an excuse to have a few beers.

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Donnie Vines (pictured above, left) and Joe Stewart have been best friends since grade school, according to Donnie's wife, Kayla. Like true bros, they're always acting goofy, and looking to have some fun. Both are now fathers, and while playing outside with the kids earlier this week, Kayla, a professional photographer, and Joe's wife, Bailey, decided the two needed to do a "best friends photoshoot." As you can see from Kayla's photos, the guys were more than happy to oblige (although, I think if you gave them beer, they'd do whatever you asked them to, Lol).

Hilarious Dad's Snow Day Photoshoot

Big thanks to Kayla for letting me use the pictures, and if Donnie and Joe ever need someone else to drink with, I'm just an e-mail or phone call away.

[Source: Kayla Vines Photography]

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