June is Pride Month and that means we are going to be seeing rainbows pop up everywhere as we celebrate love and inclusivity in our community all month long. It also means that some businesses are getting extra creative to show their support of our friends in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rainbow Everything

In the month of June, just about everything is turned into a rainbow in celebration of Pride - everything from business logos, to clothing and apparel, to storefronts and deserts. Even pizza gets a rainbow makeover to celebrate Pride.

Flag with rainbow colors


I don't know about you but in elementary school science class I was taught the name Roy G. Biv as a way to help me remember the order of the color spectrum refracted from white light, and ultimately making up the colors of the rainbow. Each letter of the acronym-turned-name represented a color.

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet
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Rainbow Pizza for a Cause

For the entire month of June, you can enjoy a rainbow pizza, known as the Roy G. Biv. With different ingredients representing each of the colors of the rainbow, like pepperoni, orange bell peppers, banana peppers, baby spinach, purple potato, and red onion, this pizza is piled on a ranch dressing base. The best part? A percentage of the proceeds from every Roy G. Biv sale in the month of June goes to benefit River City Pride!

Where to Get One

The Roy G. Biv is exclusive to Azzip Pizza's northside location located off of First Avenue in the North Park shopping complex.

We are so excited to finally share this collaboration with Azzip Pizza! 🍕🌈
All month long, you can purchase the ROYGBIV Pizza at Azzip North, and a percentage of sales will come back to River City Pride!! Head over today to try our colorful creation!!

Celebrate Pride

You're also invited to join us as we celebrate Pride on June 4th in Downtown Evansville with the 2022 River City Pride Parade and Festival. Get more details here.

25 Photos from Evansville Indiana's First Ever Pride Parade and Festival

In 2019 an organization that was new to Evansville's LGBTQIA+ community launched into planning, organizing, and executing the city's very first-ever Pride Parade and Festival. The day, wildly colorful and hugely successful, was hosted by River City Pride. Full of vibrancy, joy, and love, June 22, 2019, was a day for the Evansville history books.




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