From the company that brought us state by state candles to remind us of home, Homesick Candles has done it again, Only this time, it's smells from Grandma's Kitchen.

 According to their website,

"No one can bake like Grandma. Her love of making people happy fills each recipe and her entire home with a comforting, warm scent that feels like a hug. It's a spicy, sweet happiness that you breathe in when you give her a big embrace. This one is for you grandma!"

I love this idea. As soon as I saw it and read the title my mind went back to my childhood and I got teary eyed. I spent lots of time in my grandma's kitchen in the rest of the house. I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with both my grandparents. Memories I will forever cherish, but don't think abut often enough.

I thought about spending the night at my Grandma Baxter's house, saying up late watching Johnny Carson with Grandpa, sleeping with Grandma while Grandpa was in the other room sleeping to the police radio, waking up and having biscuits and gravy, Grandpa taking me to auctions and his favorite diner for lunch, having dinner - Grandpa always having a green onion with salt by his plate - Grandma always drinking hot water, always homemade pie for dessert or Archway cookies, playing cards like Gin and King's in the Corner after dinner, the red plastic and metal high chair, Grandpa teasing a flirting with Grandma and inking a me when her back was turned to I would now he was having fun with her, and calling my parents and telling them I didn't want to come home.  My mom wold ask how long I was staying and I would say two weeks. I didn't even know how long two weeks was, it just sounded like a long time. I could have stayed there forever.

I also thing about spending time with my dad's parents. Grandma always brewing a pot of coffee, Grandpa was always watching baseball or working in the yard, tasting Pringles for the first time, looking at black snakes hanging in the big tree by the driveway, singing around the player piano, drinking sweet tea, listening to Grandma's county records, dancing in the dining room, Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, The Gong Show, playing with all of my cousins, Easter egg hunts, jackets made out of towels, lucky rabbits foot, and the gifts Grandma would bring from the room beside the dining room to show you how much she loved you.

After I laughed and cried during my trip down memory lane, I realized my feelings were of, not only, gratitude, love, comfort, trust, and blessings, but of sadness for a time that is gone. Right now, I wish I could crawl ups on my Grandpa's lap, wrap mu arms around his neck and bury my face in his neck.

I remembered how much I miss those times. Life seemed simpler, more family focused. Grandma's Kitchen candles reminded me of how important it is to remember that time in your life. Even the simplest things can make a beautiful and lasting memory. I wonder now what things I'm doing that my granddaughter, Norah, will remember. I hope that the time she spends with me in my kitchen leaves the kind of positive impact on her that my time in Grandma's kitchen left on me.


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