A California State Senator, Leland Yee, has been receiving threatening messages by fax ever since criticizing Rush Limbaugh's pidgin Chinese remarks on his radio program last week. Rush, in his usual non-politically-correct manner, was poking fun at the Chinese President's remarks during his visit to the U.S. last week.

Yee says the faxes contain explicit language and threats against African-Americans and Asians, including a drawing of a black man’s head in a noose and appear to come from a Limbaugh supporter. Yee says he also received a threatening fax in April of last year after questioning how much Sarah Palin was paid for speaking at a public university. Yee told KTXL-TV, Sacramento, “It can happen, but sometimes you kinda scoff at these threats. But given the Gifford shooting I think all of us take these threats a little more seriously.”

Of course, all the critisizm in the world won't change Rush's approach to any situation once he's charted his course - kind of like a hurricane come to think of it, but it might be best for all concerned to step back, take a long breath and realize there are more important things in the world to take umbrage at.

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