Several parents of an Indiana elementary school got a pretty good laugh from photo proofs of their children's school photos.

School picture day was always something that we looked forward to growing up. Some were stressed about what to wear, others would include memorabilia that they wanted to show off in their photos, and then there were some (myself included once) who wanted to find a way to make their school photo look hilarious. However, one Indiana elementary school had several photos turn out to be pretty funny recently, thanks to a green screen.

Indiana Elementary School Picture Day Mishap

Sugar Grove Elementary, in Greenwood, Indiana, had its Spring Picture Day postponed twice this year due to bad weather. They eventually had pictures taken on St. Patrick's Day, when, of course, almost everyone wore green. However, the problem with them wearing green was that the school photos were taken in front of a green screen.

Now, for those who don't know, if you wear green in front of a green screen, whatever image that is supposed to be displayed in the background will also show up in your green attire. In this case, many of the kids who were wearing green clothing got some hilarious photos as a result of their green clothing disappearing into the superimposed background.

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Parents recently received the proofs of the school photos, and many got a good laugh at them. You'll see that some kids look like their head is just floating in front of the background. See some of these photos in the video below:

Now, you might be thinking "I would be mad if I paid that much money for school photos only to have them turn out like that." According to WHAS, Sugar Grove Elementary School Principal Kristin Rodman sent this message to families Wednesday afternoon:

"I hope that you are enjoying your Spring Break so far! As many of you may have noticed on your child’s spring pictures, it looks a little funny due to the green screen and St. Patrick’s Day. While I know you got a good laugh, the proofs are the only pictures that will look that way. The actual pictures if you order them will look normal."

That being said, I am sure some of the parents (and kids) might want to get some of the unedited ones as a funny memory. I know that I would!


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