Leslie first became aware of Lulu in December, 2016, while at the Pet Food Center, in Newburgh. Leslie met a charming and kind woman with a wonderful story of giving. Her act of kindness helped two dogs, but one remained without a forever family. Until now! :-)

It all started when the woman told Leslie that her husbands birthday is January 15th and all he ask for his birthday was for his family to perform random acts of kindness. Yes, his children, grandchildren and even his wife. On his birthday he wanted each of them to share with him what they had done for others. His wife couldn't wait to tell him of her random act.

She had paid the adoption fees for three of the dogs at It Takes a Village Canine Rescue. The woman went on to share that her family had been very blessed financially but had watched their granddaughter battle and survive Leukemia. She said that she and her husband are very thankful for their many blessings in life and want to give to others (and dogs) in thanks. #feelgood #spreadlove #bealight

Each of the dogs had been at the shelter the longest amount of time. One of the dogs, who had been at the shelter for 4 years, was STILL looking for her forever family. But Lulu has found her forever family!!!!!!

Lulu -

It Takes A Village - LuLu

SO happy for Lulu!!!!!!!!

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