When she was only a kitten, Pebbles found herself at the Warrick Humane Society. She's one of the lucky ones - WHS is a no-kill shelter and if it doesn't work out with a pet's adopters, they can always bring them back. Which is exactly what happened to Pebbles. As an adult, she finds herself back at the shelter thru no fault of her own.

But she's ready to start on her second cat life!

She's a cute grey and white tabby and is only a year old so she's got plenty of playful punk in her. If you are interested in Pebbles, fill out an adoption application at: warrickhumanesociety.org/adoption.

More Kitties Up for Adoption at WHS


Other Stuff Happening at WHS

Brews for Rescues


Grab your best friend and your dog and head over to Jennings Street Public House this Saturday, Aug 27, 2022, for Brews for WHS Rescues! 10% of all drink sales between 2pm - 7pm will be donated back to WHS! Friendly dogs are welcome on the deck and minors are allowed in the grassy area.

Miles for Mutts

Join us on October 22nd for this year's annual Miles for Mutts 5K! The race begins and ends at our shelter, with a 3.1 mile run/walk on the beautiful Warrick Trails. Well-behaved pets are welcome! Early registration fee through September 29th is just $25 and guarantees you a soft ring-spun t-shirt in your size! Registration from September 30th - the morning of the event is $30. Add a Miles For Mutts pet bandana for just $10! Sign up here! 

Spread Kindness Like Pet Hair Tshirt


Remind the world to be kind and "Spread Kindness Like Pet Hair" (all over the place!) when you purchase one of these shirts! Warrick Humane Society is hosting an online event selling shirts that say, “Spread Kindness Like Pet Hair”. The shirts are available to order now – August 30, 2022. Shirts are available in unisex, women’s and children’s sizes and are offered in a variety of colors and styles including long sleeve, sweatshirts, hoodies, short sleeve and tanks. Proceeds benefit the Warrick Humane Society shelter animals.

Shirts start at $24.99 and are available in multiple colors. You can purchase yours here.

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