Oh, wow, would you look at that?  Ross is talking about health and fitness again.  Sorry, but not sorry.  This is something I had to talk about because one, it has to do with health and fitness, and two, because of how hilariously obvious the story is.

In my humble opinion, good music and working out go hand in hand.  So, I had to laugh that someone felt the need to conduct a study to verify this pretty common opinion.  Coming out of the University of Edinburgh, researchers looked at how music can directly affect physical performance.  The study decided to look at how runners performed after being given a mentally straining task.  Some subjects got to listen to music while they ran and others did not.  Wouldn’t you know that the runners with music did better than the ones without.  Shocker.

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Look, I get what they were trying to do.  They wanted to see if music really did trigger something in our brains that would allow us to perform at our best.  Scientists did scientific research to back up an idea.  That’s what they do.  I just find it very amusing that it took a legitimate study to come to a conclusion that all health nuts already know.  You had a long day at work and don’t feel like working out? Well, better listen to my hype music playlist.  Oh, look I’m ready to work out now.

All joking aside, if you are feeling mentally fatigued in anything you are doing (it doesn’t just have to be working out) throw on a little feel-good music and you will start to feel so much better.  You’ll get that extra oomph that you need to kick a**.

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