Relive one of the greatest decades ever to benefit the Warrick County Sheriff's K9 Program.

In years past, the Warrick County Sheriff Department's K9 Program has held Thrift Store Prom fundraisers to help raise money for their day-to-day operations with the K9s. Those Thrift Store Prom events were a huge hit and helped raise a lot of money for the program. However, last year the pandemic put a wrench in everyone's plans. As a result, they could not host an event, and the program was not able to raise the money that it did in years past.

Dalton Spaulding
Dalton Spaulding
 So, after taking a year off, the WCSO K9 Unit has announced a new fundraising event for 2021...and this one is a blast from the past!
The Warrick County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit is officially inviting you to their 90's Nostalgia Party on September 24th at the Warrick County FOP. According to their Facebook event page, they are  "throwing it back a full dirty 30 to the 1990s!" That means you can bust out those Jynco Jeans, mullets, and scrunchies to help raise money for the K9 Unit.
Here's what you can expect attending the 90's Nostalgia Party:
  • All 90's everything, first and foremost
  • Doors open at 5 p.m. for Social Hour
  • A photo booth will be set up for you to take advantage of
  • Dinner starts at 6 p.m.
  • And the party starts at 7 p.m. with Song Birds DJ Brent Romeo Knight on the turntables
  • A silent auction will also be held to help raise money for the program that night
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Derek Miller, an event organizer, says that they are in the process of designing a t-shirt to sell at the event as well. They are looking for businesses/organizations who are willing to help donate money for the shirt and program. Miller says "We are putting donors over $500 on the back of the shirt if a business or organization wants to donate."

If you'd like to help out in those efforts, you can contact Dalton Spaulding or Derek Miller at 812-897-6180.

Tickets for the event should go on sale by the end of July. You can find out how to purchase your tickets at that time on their Facebook event page by clicking here.

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