If you bought a lottery ticket in Newburgh recently, you might want to check to see if you're the big winner! According to 14 News, a "Cash 5" ticket was sold at the Sunco Station off of Highway 66 in Newburgh on August 13, 2018. The ticket is worth over $500,000!!!

Like I said, you might want to check out your tickets if you recently bought one there! Now, since the winning is a large amount, you won't be able to cash it in at any gas station. The winner of the ticket will have to go to the Hoosier Lottery Office in Indidapolis to get their check.

A little fun fact about winning a prize that big that I didn't know about. According to 14 News, "the gas station gets to celebrate too they get 1 percent, or $5,000 of the prize."

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