City Council recently approved the relocation of the LST 325 to the Tropicana riverfront, but could the current location at Marina Pointe be the home of of a river cruise?

(Townsquare Media)

According to Evansville Mayor, Lloyd Winnecke, the city will save $40k annually in rent upon relocation of the LST. Now that the relocation has been approved, the city and owner of Marina Pointe have been discussing new possibilities for Marina Pointe.

A River Cruise has been one of the biggest things that officials have been discussing to replace the LST at its current dock. River cruises could last a day or even a few days, depending on what option Evansville could choose. Rivers such as the Mississippi have seen a lot of success with them.


Now, this is all just pure discussion at this point, but it could lead to something pretty cool for Evansville. The addition of a river cruise, could lead to an increase in tourism and economic growth. I mean think about it. You could take a cruise along the Ohio River to see places like Louisville, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and more. It could make for a relaxing vacation. Not having to worry about driving to these destinations, would be great...especially with all of the construction. I for one would be up for a river cruise coming to the Tri-State. What about you?