You can check out some really awesome old cars, while helping out a local rescue!

Felix is one of the many dogs looking for their forever home at It Takes a Village (Photo Credit: Emilee Kerner Photography)

It Takes a Village No-Kill rescue is located in Evansville. They're looking for volunteers to help them with the Frog Follies. They need volunteers on Thursday evening (8/23), Friday all day (8/24), Saturday all day (8/25), and Sunday all day (8/26). Volunteer shifts will be 3-4 hours each.  They will be collecting entry fees at gates 1 & 3 of the Frog Follies.

If you're available to volunteer at all that weekend, you can check out their sign up sheet here, to see all the slots that still need to be filled.

It's a great way to get in some volunteer work, while helping dogs, and you can check out some cool old cars in the process.

Here's what It Takes a Village has to say about the event and how much money they can raise!

We are requesting volunteers for Frog Follies! Volunteers will be helping with set up and collecting entry fees at the gate August 23-26. Shifts are only about 3-4 hours and you have the opportunity to see lots of great classic cars while helping ITV!! We will be covering 2 gates and it is an opportunity to raise over $5000 for our dogs in 4 days! We need lots of volunteers! If you can help, please sign up at