The LST 325 will be on the move after an 8-1 vote by the Evansville City Council Monday evening approving a $3 million project that will bring it to a more prominent location near Tropicana Casino.

According to our media partners, Eyewitness News, Councilwoman Missy Mosby was the only councilperson to vote against the funding saying at one point during the hearing she wasn't sure she could cast a vote without knowing next year's budget.

Both Mayor Winnecke and Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer shared artist renditions of the proposed visitors center and dock for the World War II era ship on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

In the hours leading up to the vote, the Mayor also shared an interesting factoid about the old Evansville shipyards where many LSTs were built.

The eventual relocation will leave the current dock at Marina Pointe vacant which could lead to the the possibility of riverboat cruises being offered.

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