Here at Townsquare Media, we genuinely like our co-workers! Well, most of the time. I think...

Sometimes, I see them more than I see my own family so we might as well be friendly and have some fun in the process. But, recently I have noticed that we have worked together amicably for so long, we have started treating each other like family. You know, like the real side of your family.

For instance, you know you might be a little to close to your co-workers when:

Young woman sitting wc toilet bowl using phone in hands .

You Know Their Poop Schedules

One of my male counterparts came and asked me (a female) if the men's bathroom is open since they have been doing construction on it. I looked at him and said, "Um, how would I know?" His retort, "Well, I have to poop." This conversation... on so many levels.. I can't even.

You Say 'I Love You' at the End of Phone Conversations

Last night, I got off the phone with Angel, one of the DJs in Owensboro and she said, "Ok bye, love you!" I responded with, "Love you too." Yes, we are there in our work relationship.

You Potty with the Door Open

Back to the potties, there are no doors on our stalls during the renovation and we have been directed to use the bathrooms on another floor. One of my pregnant co-workers announced that she couldn't make it to the fifth floor so she dropped trou in an open stall next to a co-worker who was going through the same issue. Like, NBD.

You Stop Wearing Work-Appropriate Clothing

There have been many mornings that I have woken up and thought, "I'll only be seeing my co-workers. I can wear yoga pants and a t-shirt." Make-up and hair are always optional here too. And, let's just throw shoes in there too. I just saw our engineer walking through the office in socks. So glad I don't work in TV.

You Tell Them All the Secrets

Whether it's a bodily function mishap, a family secret, or something deep and dark you didn't think you'd ever tell anyone, ever, you know you are way too close to co-workers when you dish. For me, it's Rob. He knows it all.

BONUS: You've Gone Karaoking

I'm just gonna leave that there. You know what I'm talkin' bout. #p-p-p-POISON

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