Well, it looks like 2022 is the year we might finally feel comfortable having the extended family visit. Maybe you have a graduation coming up or a wedding that you can finally have all of the cousins at. This sounds great until they decide traveling is too expensive so they will all bunk at your house.

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Remember Cousin Eddie?


Now, I'm not saying that all of your extended family would treat your yard like a giant toilet, but it only takes one...Am I right? Hotel rooms can add up quickly, and then they are still back at your place to eat all of your food like a ravenous raccoon.

Before You Freak Out


Rest assured, there are some very nice, options with Airbnbs right here in Evansville. Some of these houses are so nice that you might actually stay there, too. That would be a pretty cool option for a family reunion. Prices can fluctuate of course, but as of April 2022, most of them are priced at $250 per night or less.

Airbnb Search Criteria

Airbnb gives you some really convenient filters to help in your search for a rental. For this particular list, I felt like bathrooms would be at the top of everyone's list. So, each of the homes has at least two bathrooms. They can accommodate at least six people, and that is according to beds and sleeping arrangements. You can narrow your search with options like:

  • Washer / Dryer
  • Air Conditioning (Um this should be a given)
  • Iron for your clothes
  • Wifi

5 Spacious Evansville, Indiana Airbnbs Large Enough For Families

When I think about staying overnight somewhere, it is usually just for me and my husband. One hotel room or a cozy Airbnb is just the right size. But what if you have a lot of family members visiting you from out of town? Renting an entire house is probably going to give you the most bang for your buck.

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