How many times have you picked up a gift card for someone because you forgot about the birthday party or secret Santa? I know that it is always my go-to in a pinch, but I do wonder if I gave them one that they will actually use.


Gift Card Fails

Even with the best intentions, it's easy to give someone a gift card that they really don't need. Not everyone drinks Starbucks, goes to the movie theater or uses a car wash. Those are a few that I can think of that I have given that probably didn't get used or were re-gifted.

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Retail Therapy

According to a recent poll from, 2,213,248 Hoosiers say that they use retail therapy to feel better. Nearly half (45%) of us would rather shop than do self-care activities like working out. So, yes we love to buy things, and if we get a gift card to spend, that makes it so much better. Especially considering that 15% of the people polled through Google admit that they will go on spending sprees whether they can afford it or not.


But I Want it to be Special

Some people think that gift cards are kind of impersonal, but really most of us would love to have a certain type of gift card. I did a little poll on social media to see what gift cards our listeners really want. Guess what? The majority of them want gift cards to use on things they need around the house.

Support Local

We have some really cool shops downtown and they offer gift cards too. Did you know that 67¢ of every dollar spent at local shops and restaurants remains in our neighborhood? So, get out there & start shopping.

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