The crown jewel of the NFL season is when you see some really wacky wagers.

Yes, the Super Bowl brings out the gambler in all of us, even those who haven't necessarily watched a single game all season. More than $126 million is expected to be bet on the game (one of several eye-popping facts), so you're no degenerate gambler if you decide to put your money where your mouth is.

While there are some traditional game-related bets, there are also some far-out ones. But why stop there? Here are some other bets we'd like to see, from the plausible to the downright absurd:

1. Odds Fox airs footage of the Chicago Bears defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 20

This may be the last time the Patriots were ever manhandled in a game. It'll be a nice throwback to a simpler, pre-New England-dominating era.

2. Odds Joe Buck mentions the Atlanta Braves are the only major team in that city to win a championship

The Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins have all won titles in recent years, making Boston a hub for titles. Atlanta has the Falcons, Braves, Hawks (the Thrashers left town). Atlanta needing a victory isn't Cleveland-esque, but it's a storyline.

3. Odds one of your friends on social media complains that Joe Buck is terrible

He's the lead Fox announcer, but, man, do people despise him.

Joe Buck
Getty Images

4. Odds the camera will pan to a celebrity Falcons fan at the game

Apparently, they're out there. Yeah, we didn't know, either.

5. Odds someone on Fox says "Dirty Bird"

The Falcons' only other Super Bowl appearance is bound to be mentioned. That season is remembered in large part for running back Jamal Anderson's "Dirty Bird" touchdown dance.

6. Odds how far into the game before someone at your Super Bowl party says, "I hate Tom Brady"

The vitriol will not be limited to Joe Buck. Brady's detractors paint him as a smug pretty boy. We think you're gonna hear someone utter those words.

7. Odds someone at your Super Bowl party bores you with details about his or her fantasy football team did this season

No one cares. No one.

8. Odds on how many commercials there will be with animals

We'll call the over/under at six because everyone loves creatures selling things.

9. Odds Bill Belichick smiles at any point during the broadcast

For a guy who may go down as the greatest coach in NFL history, you'd think he'd show those pearly whites of his. But you get the sense that his team could be up 81-0 midway through the fourth quarter and he would still be grimacing.

Bill Belichick
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10. Odds someone at your job doesn't show up to work the next day

There are 1.5 million people expected to call in sick, so it's bound to happen.

11. Odds on how many times you will go to the bathroom during the game

Watch your beverage intake, folks. Going to the bathroom is tricky business. You don't want to miss the game. You don't want to miss the commercials. You don't want to miss the halftime show. The window of opportunity is much smaller than your bladder.

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