The holidays are coming, and just like every year before this one, there’s sure to be a new gift craze or fad taking the country by storm. To celebrate all things holiday gift, we present the crazes and fads of years past, from 1918 to now.

The information here comes from lists of both the hardest to find and the most popular Christmas gifts; the National Toy Hall of Fame’s toy list and Toy of the Year awards; inventions that became immediately popular; and lists of the 100 all-time greatest toys. The gifts included span ages, ranging from toddler to a few specifically for adults, and put together, we see a unique snapshot of trends from each year throughout the past century, from building bricks to electronics.

You may best know little green army men and the iconic Mr. Potato Head from the “Toy Story” franchise movies, but did you that know the miniature soldiers were first produced in the 1930s, and that the customizable face was the first toy advertised on TV about 15 years after? What about that the 1980s saw the debut of Transformers, Koosh ball, and Nintendo? The longevity of many of these gifts speaks volumes: Despite more recent advances in technology and complexity of designs for holiday crazes like Xbox, iPad, and drones, we still desire the utility and joy from gifts as simple as Legos, Polaroid Cameras, and Wiffle Balls.

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