It's no secret that Holiday Drive In is one of the hot spots in the Tri-State during the summer months. Having said that,  you may want to make sure that you take note of these unspoken rules before you go.

Of course, Holiday Drive In has their own rules in place for patrons to adhere by, but these unspoken rules are things that you should also follow...if you don't want to grind people's gears.

  1. Thou shall not jump in front of the projector while the movies are playing. People came to see the movie, not your shadow.
  2. Thou shall not turn your headlights on during the middle of the movies. You're watching a movie outside, kinda ruins the view if your lights are shining in people's faces or the screen!
  3. Thou shall not have an extremely loud make out session. No one wants to see or hear that during the movies...and save the other funny business for home!
  4. Thou shall not try to pay with a card. Go to the ATM before hand because it's cash only.
  5. Thou shall not throw your trash on the ground. That's what the trash barrels are for. If you don't feel like walking to one, bring a trash bag (or get one from concessions) and bag your trash up by the parking poles.
  6. Thou shall not be loud and obnoxious during the movies. No one paid their hard earned money to hear you talk over the movies.
  7. Thou shall not forget the bug spray. Keep those skeeters away from you while you try to enjoy the movies.
  8. Thou shall be mindful of other people's view. Large vehicles make it hard for all the normal sized vehicles behind you to see. If you open up the rear hatch of your SUV or hatchback car, use something to tie down the hatch door so it doesn’t open up past the top of your vehicle...and while sitting on top of the roof of your car might be tempting...just don't.
  9. Thou shall not play ball, Frisbee, or anything like that around other patron's vehicles. It's totally cool to have fun with the kiddo's before the movie, but try to do that stuff in the grass area in front of the screens to avoid having potential insurance claims.
  10. Thou shall not leave without trying their cheeseburgers. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't eat them!

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