Whenever I pass a billboard anywhere in this country that advertises a ziplining attraction, my mind always does that thing it does...should I or shouldn't I?

Any number of people will tell me that I should, and there's a little voice inside my head that agrees with them. But there's ANOTHER little voice inside my head that usually holds me back. It's the one that reminds me of my slight fear of heights--a fear I thought I conquered on a very mild roller coaster at Mall of America in Minneapolis in 2019. But maybe I didn't totally since I still have that hesitation.

Ziplining ABSOLUTELY looks like a blast, and if we weren't TOO far off the ground, that would probably make it better, but still, I'm a little hesitant.

If YOU'RE not, Kentucky has you covered. Thanks to Kentucky Tourism, we know there is a multitude of opportunities to zipline in the Bluegrass State, and the locations are gorgeous.

Let's start with the Louisville Mega Cavern. We were there over the holidays to check out Lights Under Louisville and you couldn't help but notice all the ads for ziplining in the big cave. Plus, it's the world's only underground zipline experience.

Now, see? That abrupt stoppage is a drawback for me; gotta be honest. I have no doubt that's part of it, but that's ever so close to a dealbreaker for me. But ziplining enthusiasts probably welcome that feature. Still, doing it inside a cave might just erase any trepidation.

Since we're talking caves, we HAVE to talk about the Mammoth-sized elephant in the room. Yes, of course, the Mammoth Cave area offers ziplining, but then again, what DOESN'T the Mammoth Cave area offer? I mean you could spend a week in and around our beloved national park and always come up with something different to do.

So maybe never tried it and you're ready now. Maybe you're like me and it's just something you need to wrap your brain around and just do it. Again, it always looks like fun. And I'm certain all the locations where you can zipline in Kentucky have lines for novices--kind of like bunny slopes.

It's always nice to think about warm-weather activities when we're in the throes of winter, and if nothing else, I've helped accomplish THAT.

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